How to Stay Active on Vacation: Tips from Sponsored Runner Danielle Hartman

July 01, 2018





Danielle Hartman likes to run, a lot.  As a sponsored runner for Garmin Fitness, Brooks Running and Zensah, she’s logged thousands of miles and always travels with her running shoes.  The new mom recently stayed with us, so we spoke to Danielle about what it takes to stay active while on vacation.  Here’s what she had to say:

What’s your favorite run at Hawks Cay Resort?

Honestly, I don’t have one single favorite running path.  Every path is my favorite as they each serve their own special purpose, but I do love the days I chose to run over the bridges located right outside the main entrance of the Resort. I highly recommend running across both bridges for many reasons. One, is the view. Being able to see the beauty of the whole resort is absolutely magnificent. If you’re an early riser like me, definitely pick a day you can run over these bridges and experience the sunrise; that is something I live for as there is nothing more beautiful than a Florida Keys sunrise. When you combine that salty breeze and everlasting view of the ocean, you forget you’re even running!

I also love running around Duck Key toward the back where the private homes are located.  I just love looking at all the homes and how each one has a unique architecture to them. They go from mansions to coastal living to ocean front cottages. There are also three bridges on that route, so they serve as a good workout for me, especially when I have to do hill repeats. Lastly, for a quick and easy run, I found it fun to run around the vicinity of the main resort around all the villas, through the sanctuary, around the marina and even on the docks. If you’re given a new environment to run in then it does not matter where you go because Duck Key in itself is pure bliss!

Do you have any advice for moms vacationing at the resort?

Make it fun and throw out any expectations. You want to be able to exert a care-free environment for you and your family. Starting the day off with any type of exercise on this island is totally worth it. Get up and check out that sunrise. If you have littles, see if they want to go for a run/jog with you to experience the views. I know there is a gym, but try enjoying the outdoors as there is plenty to do at Hawks Cay. Go for a swim, try out the paddleboards (they are quite the workout), go walk the bridges, do yoga on your balcony/porch, bring your bikes, etc. I know vacation should not feel like your routine at home, but you have every opportunity to change it up thanks to the gorgeous views and tranquility of the island atmosphere.

Florida Keys Running Route at Hawks Cay

What are your favorite things to do as a family at Hawks Cay Resort?

Fishing with my father is by far our favorite thing to do as that is what brought us to Hawks Cay in the first place years ago. It’s seriously the best location in the Keys to just load up on the boat and head out. Our fishing team - Executive Decision - has brought in some of the largest swordfish to be weighed in at the marina along with dozens of nice-sized dolphin. When you base your vacation around fishing, Hawks Cay has makes it extremely accommodating. My father has always been able to have his own dock slip right outside our villa and the marina has everything we need, especially supplying us with all the bags of ice for our bait box. Having a baby this year changed it up just a bit, but for the better. When I was not fishing, I finally got to experience the Pirate Ship Pool.  Let me just say my son had a blast and so did I! Anywhere with water at the Resort is where you will find me.

Inspired by Danielle to take a run on your next visit? Check out the 5K map below!