Getting around at Hawks Cay Resort is easy with convenient golf cart rentals for hotel guests. Here's what you need to know about reserving and using golf carts during your stay.  


  • Cost:  $175 per day. 
  • Pick Up Location: Carts will be kept and locked at Coral Cay in the Spa parking lot. Pick up is available from 9am - 5pm daily. Early pick up or late drop off available by request. 
  • Drop Off Location: Coral Cay.
  • How to Reserve:  Guests must have a Hawks Cay reservation number or room number to reserve a cart.  Guests can book online, by dailing Coral Cay at ext.1803 or (305) 289-4906, or the Coral Cay lobby. 
  • When to Reserve: Guests can reserve a cart before or during their stay. 
  • How many carts can guests reserve: We have ten carts in stock. Rentals are based on availability. 
  • Cancellations: 36-hour notice is required for cancellations. Guests will be charged full rental fee for any cancellations that do not meet that requirement. 
  • How to use the cart: Coral Cay staff will instruct all guests on how to use the golf cart. Including: driving, safety, parking, charging and emergency procedures. 
  • Other: All drivers will be required to fill out a liability waiver form at Coral Cay upon pick up.



  • Driving Age: All drivers must be at least 18 and have a valid drivers license.
  • Driving Areas: All of our carts are allowed on Hawks Cay property. Driving on sidewalks is not permitted. No driving on US1 or onto the residential islands of Duck Key. Guests must remain between the two bridges. Guests will be given a golf cart map upon request at pick up. 
  • Parking: Golf Carts will be treated like any other motor vehicle. Guests must park in a motor vehicle parking spot or a golf cart parking spot (indicated on the golf cart map). No parking on the side of the road or on sidewalks. 
  • Maximum Occupancy: All golf carts on site have four seats. Four people maximum per cart. 
  • Driving Rules: Golf Carts must obey all traffic laws and will be held responsible if they are broken.   
  • Securing the Cart: All golf carts will come with a golf cart lock. Cart must be locked while not in use. 



  • Does the guest need to charge their cart when they are done?: No. Guest does not need to worry about the battery upon return, our staff will kindly take care of that!
  • Charging: All carts exceeding a two-day rental will be given a charging chord for overnight use at either villa, or valet stations.



If you see any of the rules broken please contact: Command Center and Recreation Manager on Duty. This includes:

  • Golf Cart Crash
  • Golf Cart Tow
  • Too Many People on the Golf Cart
  • Speeding or Reckless Driving
  • Underage Driving
  • Driving Off Property
  • Damage: Guests will be held liable for any damage done to the cart while in their care.



  • Location: Coral Cay
  • Time: Golf carts must be returned during Coral cay business hours, unless otherwise noted.
  • Inspection: All golf carts will be inspected for damage upon return.
  • Return of items:  Golf cart lock and key are returned to Coral Cay.
  • Late Return: Guests must return the cart on their return date before 5 pm or will be charged an additional fee. Requests for extensions will be based on availability.