Elevate Team Dynamics: Unique Team Building Experiences at Hawks Cay Resort

January 04, 2024

Beyond the boardroom and brainstorming sessions, it’s important to foster camaraderie and ignite creativity through unique team-building experiences. Hawks Cay Resort promises endless possibilities for a truly unique gathering, from outdoor activities to tasty Floridian delights. As we look forward to event planning in 2024, consider the following activities to infuse your gathering with memorable moments.

Dive into Dolphin Connection

Step away from traditional team-building exercises and dive into an extraordinary experience with the Dolphin Connection program. Whether your group wishes to play dolphin trainer for a day or interact up close and personal, this program offers private sessions for a unique bond-building encounter, all without leaving the resort.

Sip and Socialize with a Florida Twist

Add a dash of Florida flavor to your meeting agenda by hosting a cocktail hour in style. Enjoy the oceanfront ambiance at Pilar Bar for rum specialties, poolside sips at Tiki Grill, or classic and contemporary cocktails (and mocktails) at lobby bar Prime Sixty-One. Try a Key Lime Martini or indulge in local Islamorada beers to infuse a distinct Keys twist into your socializing.

Aquatic Adventures

While Hawks Cay provides ample indoor and oceanfront venues, don't miss the chance to embrace the famous waters of the Florida Keys. The resort's marina opens the door to a variety of water activities, including scenic sunset cruises, charter fishing with colleagues, scuba diving, snorkeling, and more, creating unforgettable memories for your team.

Morning Pickleball Clinic

Break free from conventional brainstorming sessions by taking your team outdoors for a morning pickleball clinic. Hawks Cay's resident tennis coach is prepared to lead your group – whether beginners or seasoned players – with daily sessions ranging from basic lessons to cardio workouts. Book a private session to seamlessly blend work and play, encouraging a dynamic and energized atmosphere.

To book your stay and learn more about groups at Hawks Cay, please visit https://www.hawkscay.com/conferences-meetings-events