Camp hawk

Environmental Education Program

Awarded Best Family Resort

Dates &Times: Monday - Thursday, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Rates: $60 Per Session (lunch included)
Requirements & Restrictions: Ages 5-12

An interactive environmental activity program for kids will be held at Coral Cay. The curriculum is designed to be both interactive and age appropriate.

Advanced registration required. Please call 305-289-4906 OR ext. 1803 from the resort phones.

Environmental Education Activities

Dolphins vs Sharks!

In partnership with Dolphin Connection, campers will learn about the bottle nosed dolphin and the types of sharks that reside in the Keys. This session will also take them out of the classroom to the Dolphin Connection observation area.

Amazing Everglades

In partnership with the Everglades National Park, campers will learn about the importance of the Everglades to the Florida Keys and other areas of the world. They will go on a nature hunt and explore the mangroves right here on Duck Key.

Creepy Crawlers

Campers learn all about bugs and creatures that creep and crawl through interactive games and hands on crafts including fly swatter art, invertebrate scavenger hunt, and spiderweb tag.

Wacky Weather & Birds of a Feather

Everything from waterspouts to waterfowl...campers will discover our diverse weather and bird life on Duck Key through activities like clouds in a jar and origami pelicans!

Rad Reptiles & Amphibians

From making iguana puppets to playing a game where they guide sea turtle hatchlings to safety, campers will learn about the the native and invasive species of the Florida Keys and Everglades.

Additional Information

Hawks Cay's Environmental Program and Camp Hawk are open to guests of all abilities; however, the safety of our campers is our biggest priority. Daily participation requires that a child be able to stay with the group while outside on adventures, as well as to listen to and follow directions from the counselors. If your child has developmental concerns, communication differences, and/or would benefit from having a counselor 1:1, please provide us with 48-hours notice, so we can be properly staffed to support him or her. Further, we welcome your insights regarding your child, and will do our best to accommodate special requests. Our main goal is to create opportunities for all our campers to have a safe, fun and memorable time!

Click here for availability or call (305)-289-4906 to speak to one of our Recreation Crew.