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Camp Hawk Environmental Education Program

Morning Environmental Education Program

Time: 9am - 1pm

A fun interactive environmental based activity program for kids will be held in the mornings at Camp Hawk. There are three grade levels: k-1st grade, 2nd -3rd grade, and 4th – 6th grade. Curriculum is designed to be interactive and age appropriate. Fees are $60 and includes lunch. 

Topics Include:

  • Sunday through Wednesday - Camp Hawk Open House 10am-5pm
    • Come by camp hawk to check out our amazing Environmental program up close! We will have touch tank demos, narure crafts and a variety of nature exhibits. Fun for the whole family. 
  • Thursday – Dolphins VS Sharks
    • In partnership with Dolphin Connection, campers will learn about the bottle nosed dolphin and the types of sharks that reside in the keys. This session will also take them out of the classroom to the Dolphin Connection observation area.
  • Friday - Radical Reptiles 
    • This day is all about reptiles and amphibians. Kids will learn about everything that creeps and crawls around Hawks cay. Students will examine the physical characteristics of insects
      and spiders. Students will observe and illustrate the life cycle of insects and will understand the ways in which insects move: jump, fly, crawl, swim, scoot, scrape, flit, leap, etc.
  • Saturday – Earth Warriors
    • Campers will learn about the wonders of weather. Some activities will include studying cloud formations and conducting wind experiments. Students will be able to identify the reasons why the world needs to reduce, reuse and recycle. They will participate in a series of activities that impress the importance of conservation.

Afternoon Camp Adventure

Time: 1pm - 5pm

A fun filled afternoon of camp games that are themed and age appropriate. Kids will be split up into two different age groups. 5- 8 & 9 – 12. There will be a different theme for each day. A take home craft will be included. Fees are $90 and includes lunch and a snack. 

Topics Include:

  • Pirate Academy
    • Kids learn how to be pirates. Activities include: Pirate Bandanas, treasure hunt and even meet the pirate queen!
  • Around the World Afternoon
    • Sample of games from around the world: i.e. Hockey by numbers, leaning tower of pizza, and soccer shootout!
  • Secret Agent Afternoon
    • Imaginative active games that include: i.e. 007 tag, puzzles, and a rocket ship craft.
  • Circus Circus Afternoon
    • Campers play some fun circus themed games. i.e. hula hoop contests, face painting and crazy tag!
  • Superhero Afternoon
    • Kids transform into a superhero for this fun afternoon. Games include: Defeat the Villain and side kick tag!
  • Seaper Powers Adventure Day
    • An afternoon based on the popular book that takes place here on Duck Key. Kids will follow the treasure hunt just as the characters in the book did!
  • Challenge Afternoon
    • Campers face off in a collection of challenge games: i.e. Freeze dance, paper airplane contest, and water wars!