5 Resort Activities for Multi-Generational Family Bonding

May 25, 2022

At Hawks Cay, children, parents, and grandparents have the perfect backdrop to create lifelong memories in the warm Florida Keys with engaging activities and adventures for all at the forefront. Families vacationing together can spend quality time bonding and reconnecting as they slow down to live on island time at the island paradise.

Here are 5 of our top resort activities for multi-generational family bonding this summer:

  1. Treasure hunting. Parents and grandparents can help their kids solve riddles to find treasure during the resort’s treasure hunt programming in the Coral Cay lobby. This group activity is a great way to stay active by exploring new areas of the resort in search of treasure. You never know what you’ll see along the way.

  2. Device-free dinners: With so much to see, do, and eat at the resort, we recommend that families at the dinner table put down the devices to reconnect with each other. Grandparents can retell their childhood stories to grandchildren who will be all ears, and parents can engage their children on their thoughts after an active day at Hawks Cay.

  3. Island bike rides: Pick up bikes at Coral Cay and take your new wheels for a spin around the island for one complimentary hour. Make your way through the village for a glimpse of what life living in paradise is like. We recommend including the marina on your scenic route to catch a glimpse of some tarpon in action.

  4. Make the most of the water: Families can learn the art of standup paddleboarding together, enjoy swimming with dolphins, kayaking through the channels, excursions to local coral reefs, and more, from their new home away from home in the Keys. What better way to spend time together than on the water?

  5. Friendly competition: Grown-ups can show kids how it’s done at the resort’s newly installed pickleball courts. Reserve your spot and head over to our on-site Cliff Drysdale Tennis Academy for a few friendly games of the fastest growing sport in North America. Newbies can even book a 1-on-1 session with our tennis pro to learn fundamentals and get coaching. Pickleball is low impact on the knees and joints, so grandparents too can get in on the fun.

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