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Hawks Cay Marina Dockside Store

All your Florida Keys Boating, Fishing, Grilling and Drink-Mixing Supplies

Hawks Cay's Dockside Store has everything you need on land to keep you satisfied on the water. Located within a short stroll from your boat, our marina store is fully stocked with fresh produce; grilling and cooking supplies; boxed lunches to take with you to the beach or on your fishing charter; beer, wine, liquor and mixers; clothing and souvenirs; and all your fishing and boating needs—including navigational charts, live bait, fishing licenses, and more.

The Dockside store is also home to our Dockside Snack Shop, now serving Starbucks coffee, ice cream cones, sundaes, and all your favorite treats to keep you cool.


Dockside Store Hours

Hours vary by Season

Grocery Items Include:

Fresh fruits and vegetables
Dairy products
Frozen foods
Charcoal and lighter fluid
Sandwiches and snacks
Beer, wine, liquor
Sodas and juices
Breakfast cereals and fresh breads

Boating Items Include:

Live shrimp and blue crabs
Frozen baits
Terminal tackle, fishing lures
Clothing and accessories
Suntan lotion
First aid kits