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Wreck & Night Diving

The Great Florida Reef, just a few miles offshore from Hawks Cay Resort, delivers divers to the Florida Keys year ’round. But the coral reef isn’t our only diving attraction. If you’re a certified SCUBA diver, night diving and shipwreck diving (specifically, wreck diving in Florida) likely top your bucket list. We give you the chance to experience both during your Florida Keys diving vacation.

Contact us to arrange your wreck or night dive in advance, as these trips are customizable. For each dive, you may opt to visit one or more sites, depending on the season. We’ll discuss your options ahead of your dive to plan exactly the outing you’re looking for.

“ Every crevice that serves as a hiding spot by day becomes a point of revelation by night... ”

When it’s time to dive, we’ll take you out on our dive boat, the Seafari, from the resort marina . Our most popular Florida wreck diving site is the Thunderbolt  . Once a World War II Minesweeper, This 188-foot vessel sits in 120 feet of water, sunk expressly for the purpose of forming an artificial reef that our more experienced divers can enjoy. Though you may not penetrate the hull, segments of the ship’s exterior are cut away to create habitats for marine life – just wait until you get a look inside. All around and inside the Thunderbolt, from its former wheelhouse to the shadows it casts on the ocean floor, angelfish, horseshoe crabs and goliath grouper congregate. Because the Thunderbolt wreck offers divers a rare, deep exploration at the bottom of the Atlantic, one of our professional diving guides will remain in the water with you throughout your dive, and we keep lines in place to help you locate the wreck and navigate the currents.

During a night dive, the discovery is in witnessing how certain elements of the reef awaken while others slumber. Every crevice that serves as a hiding spot by day becomes a point of revelation by night, as eels, spiny lobsters, blowfish and squid emerge for their own evening adventures.

Though not required, open water-certified divers may be interested in advancing their dive training with an Advanced Certification SCUBA course, here at Hawks Cay Resort. The course includes a deep dive on the wreck and a night dive, while improving important dive skills, such as navigation and neutral buoyancy. All of our instructors are certified professionals, eligible to certify students to PADI, NAUI and Universal Referral standards, and all of our courses include the training materials, dive gear and supplies you’ll need to complete them.

All dives from Hawks Cay Resort are 50 minutes (or 500 psi).