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Swashbuckling Pirate Show

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Pirates have returned to Hawks Cay Resort. Twice a week, families gather around the Pirate Ship Pool for an exciting adventure with Priscilla the Pirate Queen and her crew. The Swashbuckling Pirate Show is an interactive experience for our younger guests featuring singing, dancing and games!

Kids will laugh along with the show, as they learn about the history of pirates in the Florida Keys while dancing and playing with others their age. When characters are not performing, they can be found throughout the resort. Little ones will delight in getting to know the Swashbuckling Pirate Show characters who roam our tropical island.

Bring the whole family and let the kids earn their “badge of honor” while being sworn in to Priscilla’s Pirate Crew.



Meet the Cast of the Swashbuckling Pirate Show

Priscilla the Pirate Queen — Priscilla the Pirate Queen is the Queen of the pirates! She sailed the 7 seas in search for lost treasure of Duck Key. She grew up on the island of Duck Key and has now returned to find the treasure and stake her claim. She is on a constant search for new pirates and can often be seen singing sea shanties at the bar or challenging kids to walk the plank at the resort pool. She is a courageous, sarcastic, cocky, and often short sighted. She is easily fooled by Captain Hawk, who often plays jokes on her.

Clarence the First Mate — Clarance is a fun-loving pirate who has been working under the Pirate Queen for many many years.  He is blindly loyal to her.  He loves to play with the children and often gets lost in his own thoughts.  He has a huge imagination and acts out his fantasies on a regular basis.  He is very much like an overgrown child and is constantly happy.  He may try to be tough…he is about as tough as a toddler. 

Captain Hawk — Captain Hawk, an avid fisherman and wrecker who’s salvaged the sunken ships of the Keys for decades, has been hanging out on Duck Key for years. He has a stuffed hawk on his shoulder named Peaches that he thinks is real. He has a deep southern drawl and often entertains guests with tall tales of his “so called” adventures. He claims to be the owner/captain of the resort. Captain Hawk is described as fun loving, clumsy, eccentric, delusional and absent minded.

Koral the Mermaid — Koral is from deep below the seas of the Florida Keys. While she was searching for the long lost treasure of Hawks Cay she noticed a collection of garbage falling into the ocean. Since mermaids are protectors of the seas, she immediately went to remove the garbage. But there was more than she expected and ended up getting trapped in all the debris. Luckily, the Pirate Queen was nearby and rescued her. She brought her to Coral Cay to relax in the Coral Cay pool while her tail heals. She loves it so much here she has decided to stay longer and play with all of the children at Coral Cay. She is very happy and loves to speak to humans especially the children. Koral loves to search for treasure and swim with the dolphins. Like all mermaids, Koral is a protector of the seas. She strives for the balance of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water! When there is pollution in the sea, mermaids can become sick. So they love to teach children about the ocean and teach them how to love the sea!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age range?
The Swashbuckling Pirate Show is geared toward children ages 3-11, but all ages are welcome. Parents often enjoy the hidden humor and are able to take a quick “responsibility break,” grab a drink and lounge by the pool. Kids will be completely engulfed learning how to become a pirate!

When and where are the shows? 
Returning to the Pirate Ship Pool in December.

How do guests attend the show? Are tickets required?
The show is free, and no tickets are required. Just show up at the Pirate Ship Pool during the scheduled showtimes!

Is there seating available?
Tables and chairs are set up around the pool. Families can relax on the lounge chairs while children who want to participate are encouraged to sit along the water’s edge. Parents usually end up standing to take photos of their children.

Can we meet the characters? 
The entire crew takes pictures after the show. It’s the best time to catch the whole cast together with such an iconic backdrop, our pirate ship. Keep an eye out for our crew members throughout the resort for more fun interactions and games!

In addition to this show, Coral Cay at Hawks Cay Resort hosts a variety of activities and programs for children and teens to enjoy such as snorkeling, corn hole competitions and Teen Night Out parties! There is fun for kids of all ages at our family resort in the Florida Keys.