• oTHErside Kiteboarding girl at the Florida Keys
  • oTHErside Kiteboarding girl at the Florida Keys

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If there was ever a prime playground for kiteboarding, it’s the Florida Keys. A long season (typically October through May), consistent wind and shallow, warm water call to independent boarders and anyone who’s ever considered taking kiteboarding lessons. Professionals agree that Florida Keys kitesurfing is some of the best flat-water riding in the country. Naturally, Hawks Cay Resort can help you experience it – by offering kitesurfing lessons, cable park access and a variety of sessions designed for intermediate and advanced kiteboarders, including coaching by our staff pros.

If you’ve never seen someone kite boarding or kitesurfing, you might not immediately understand it. (Even if you have seen someone demonstrate the sport, it can be challenging to wrap your head around!) So let’s start by answering: What is kitesurfing?

"Florida Keys kitesurfing is some of the best flat-water riding in the country."

In the sport of kitesuring, also called kiteboarding, you start by standing on a board. The board is similar to a wakeboard, but lighter in weight and outfitted with a strap in place of bindings to slip your toes under. Once you’re secured to the board, you’ll wear a vest with a clip and hold onto a bar – akin to a ski rope and bar – to tether you to a super-sized, inflatable kite that’s capable of soaring 90 feet in the air. With the right wind, guidance and practice, you’ll be capable of translating the wind’s effects on your kite (and controlling the kite yourself) into movements along the water.

For our Beginner Course, you’ll head out on our boat from the Hawks Cay Resort marina. It’s a short ride to the flats around Duck Key – the perfect platform for your lesson. You’ll learn the basics like how to read and use the wind; how to launch and land your kite; how to control and power your kite and maneuver your board. Then, it’s time to practice – first at flying your kite; then at getting up on the board. From there, you might attempt a technique like carving. It can take time to progress, but our PASA- and IKO-certified instructors have a reputation for helping beginners as well as advanced boarders make the most of the experience.




Availability: Call for availability

Rates: Lesson: $329, 2nd person: $100, Sitter Session: $129, Sitter Session with rental Gear: $175

Requirements & Restrictions: We follow a few other guidelines to guarantee our guests’ satisfaction and safety while kiteboarding: We only conduct excursions when the wind is cooperating, so you’ll be guaranteed the best possible conditions. We never exceed two students per instructor, and we provide everything you’ll need to participate, including a helmet and life jacket. When it’s time for your outing, wear a bathing suit (you’ll be barefoot on the board) and bring your sense of adventure and optimism. That shouldn’t be hard in the Keys. No experience necessary, restrictions may apply. Call for more information and reservations.

Boat Trip

Availability: Please call for information

Rates: $65

Requirements & Restrictions:  Already an experienced kiteboarder and want to get out to the famous Florida Keys flats? Book your spot on the boat for 3 hours of shallow water shredding. Restrictions may apply. Minimum of 15mph of wind is required. More info at www.OthersideBoardsports.com. Check out oTHErside's Keys Cable Wakeboard Park, www.KeysCable.com, for a no-wind alternative to kiteboarding for the whole family.