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Florida Keys Snorkeling

Florida Keys Snorkeling on the Coral Reefs

What could possibly top snorkeling in Florida? Snorkeling in the Keys. Join one of Hawks Cay Resort’s snorkel trips and you’ll understand why. Until you can venture out with us, consider why Florida Keys snorkeling is the ultimate vacation experience:


First, the Florida Keys are home to the only living coral barrier reef in the continental U.S. (The Great Barrier Reef and the Belize Barrier Reef are the only systems larger!)

Second, the Keys reef (also known as the Great Florida Reef) lies within five miles of Hawks Cay Resort. A smooth half-hour cruise on our wide catamaran, and you’re there.

Third, at Hawks Cay Resort, we have a sweet spot we like to take our guests to. Part of the Great Florida Reef system, it’s called Coffins Patch, and it’s a shallow coral reef located within a protected area known as the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Its protected status keeps it pristine and breathtakingly beautiful, and its depth makes it perfect for snorkeling. Plus, our warm water is always inviting.

So what will you see on your snorkeling adventure? Depending on the day, you might glimpse a smattering of reef fish, lobsters, turtles and other species, though so much of the magic here is in regarding the reef itself, in all of its otherworldly, sculptural variations.

Snorkel Tours

We provide masks, fins, snorkels, life vests and aqua noodles for those who wish to use them. Your excursion starts from the Hawks Cay Resort Marina on a boat large enough that the entire family can come along for the ride. Anyone who’s a confident swimmer can snorkel, and anyone who prefers to stay on board enjoys a fairly fantastic view, too – with water this clear, passengers can peer out over the reef to do some spotting of their own, though sunning on the bow of the boat is also popular, and our guides have developed a reputation for entertaining. We typically give our snorkelers around 60 minutes to explore, and they slip in and out of the water as they please. Including the roundtrip boat ride, the excursion lasts about two and a half hours. For your comfort, we provide a bottle of water to each guest and restrooms, and welcome you to bring your own drinks and snacks aboard.