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Florida Keys Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboard rentals & lessons at Hawks Cay

There’s paddleboarding, and there’s Florida Keys paddleboarding. For the uninitiated, paddleboarding is a sport that involves a single participant standing on a wide board – akin to a surfboard – and using a paddle to power and steer the board through the water. You might also hear the sport referred to as stand-up paddling or SUP.

If you’ve tried stand-up paddleboarding in any other location, you know the sport to be the embodiment of laidback recreation. You can make it a workout if that’s what you’re after, but it’s just as rewarding to turn this exercise into one of relaxation.

“You’ll be standing up on your board and maneuvering within minutes.”

And if you’ve visited, or even heard anything about, the Florida Keys, you know it’s the capital of laidback. Sounds like a match made in paradise, no?

At Hawks Cay Resort, you can launch your SUP Florida Keys experience right from Solé Watersports located at our marina. We offer paddle board rentals by the hour or half day. You’ll enter the water from the resort’s floating dock, kneeling or standing on the board depending on your comfort level, in approximately three feet of water. Even if you start out feeling uncertain, you’ll be standing up on your board and maneuvering within minutes – with a little practice and balance, SUP really is as accessible as everyone says it is.

Of course, we’ll equip you with everything you need, including a life jacket, board and paddle. We’ll throw in our tips on where to locate friendly currents and unforgettable views. Pick a destination or a few – from Hawks Cay Resort, it’s a short paddle to Tom’s Harbor (deserted, save the mangroves) and canals embellished with luxury homes and boats. Pass under bridges, cut through channels, navigate Lake Lucille and sidle alongside the resort’s own Dolphin Connection to extend your route. Around Duck Key, you’ll encounter ample expanses with shallow depths, light traffic and minimal obstructions to make your paddle as carefree as possible. This may be the most easygoing way to do the Keys. And with waters this clear and shores this rich with scenery, sometimes it’s good to take it easy.