• A Family is Playing with the Dolphins during the Dockside Dolphin Program
  • A Dolphin Jumping High in the Air
  • A Little Girl is Playing With the Dolphin From the Dock During the Dockside Dolphin Experience

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Dolphin Discovery

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Have Your Own Florida Dolphin Adventure at Hawks Cay Resort

Every Hawks Cay Resort vacation is made of magical moments, but Dolphin Connection may be our crowning jewel.

If you’ve ever wished to , we invite you to take the rare, unforgettable chance at Hawks Cay Resort, the only hotel or resort on the mainland United States that offers free public viewing of trained dolphins.

The centerpiece of our facility is an ocean-fed, saltwater lagoon inhabited by a pod of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. The area around Dolphin Connection is dotted with educational signage, so you can learn about the resort’s most beloved guests anytime during your stay.

Be assured that our dolphin encounters fit a variety of vacationers to accommodate your schedule, the ages and interests of your traveling companions and whether you’d prefer to get in the water or interact with the dolphins from our dry training docks. The best way to decide which interaction is right for you is to review our dolphin program descriptions; then give us a call. All interactions should be arranged in advance, and we can discuss with you the benefits of each option given the ages, abilities and expectations of your traveling companions.

“The only facility on the mainland United States that offers free public viewing of trained dolphins”

One great option for your group might be our Dockside Dolphins program, during which you observe, touch and feed dolphins from our dock. There’s a good chance that you’ll catch the animals performing some of their favorite aerial behaviors during this dolphin adventure…and that you might get splashed in the process! For other guests, Dolphin Discovery may be ideal – the experience will have you segueing from our lagoon-side classroom into the lagoon to touch, splash and play with our dolphins from our submerged platforms. You can even take the plunge and swim with them . And for would-be marine biologists, our trainer-for-a-day program can be just the thing, as it grants participants hours of one-on-one time with our trainers and dolphins.

Although some programs allow for dry dock interaction with the animals, it’s best to dress to get wet (especially with regard to footwear – aqua shoes are well-suited to our facility). For your convenience, we make short-style wetsuits available to all of our participants free of charge.

With each dolphin adventure we offer, we emphasize an intimate experience for our guests and share the importance of protecting Florida’s marine ecosystem. Dolphin Connection is accredited and staffed by professionals trained in the care of marine mammals.

The one-of-a-kind experience of swimming with dolphins in Florida – without having to leave your resort: Welcome to Hawks Cay.