Where to See Wildlife at Hawks Cay

January 16, 2023

With world-class sport fishing, diving and spearfishing right in our backyard, the Florida Keys are a must-visit destination for travelers looking to explore beyond the key lime cocktails and marina-side fine dining.

At Hawks Cay, we blend the outdoors into our guest experience with different habitats located throughout the 60-acre property. Here’s what you’ll see during your stay with us:
The Marina
Our guests love spotting manatees at the Hawks Cay marina! The slow and steady, Florida Manatees are warm-blooded and thrive in the warmer water temperatures of the Keys. Manatees love hanging out in our marina to get a splash of fresh water when the boats come in from their charters.
Also present at Hawks Cay’s marina are tarpon, large silver fish dating back to the Jurassic period more than 145 years ago! Tarpon have been reported to live up to 78 years old and are really incredible fish! (Read more tarpon facts here).
Saltwater Lagoon
Ocean-fed, rising and falling with the tide, our saltwater lagoon is a natural habitat for a variety of marine life. The Hawk’s Cay saltwater lagoon is a great destination to learn how to snorkel and spot many small fish species native to Florida. Guests can also try test their balance with standup paddleboarding over the surface of the lagoon or kayaking for a closer look at the schools of small fish making their way around the lagoon.
Around the Resort
Stepping outside the water, the stars of the show at the resort are green iguanas. Cold-blooded and always seeking sunshine, our reptilian friends are believed to originate in South America. Their bright color comes from their very inspiring vegan diet of leaves, vines, fruits and flowers.
In and around our manicured walkways you may spot a Northern curly-tailed lizards. Rumored to first be introduced to Florida in the 1940s to mediate sugar cane pests, the lizards will eat almost anything and are now considered to be a friendly but invasive species.
Perched up high, guests can hear before they see these creatures: birds! Bald eagles, osprey, seagulls and the occasional owl have each been spotted at Hawks Cay.
Have kids interested in the wildlife at Hawks Cay? Be sure to sign them up for our next Nature Hunt program, led from Coral Cay. Find all the species and win prizes! Learn more at https://www.hawkscay.com/event/florida-keys-nature-hunt.