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Captain Hawk and Priscilla the Pirate Queen are back with new Friends to Entertain Families

Now that we have reopened, our favorite Duck Key residents, Captain Hawk and Priscilla the Pirate Queen, have returned after a year of sailing to claim Hawks Cay as their home.

Captain Hawk, an avid fisherman, has been hanging out on Duck Key for years, but ever since Priscilla the Pirate Queen traveled far and wide to rediscover the place where she was born and claim it for herself, Captain Hawk’s reign is now being threatened. The two have become arch nemeses as they battle for ownership over Hawks Cay.

The two have been spotted dueling at the Pirate Ship Pool and plotting against one another, and this time, with new friends by their sides. While Priscilla the Pirate Queen was looking for treasure, she met Clarence the First Mate and has recruited him to help her take over Hawks Cay. The two rescued a mermaid in distress named Koral who was trapped in fishing nets near the Resort, and are trying to recruit her and resort guests to join the crew!

Unsure of whether or not she wants to be a part of Priscilla’s crew, Koral enjoys venturing off and making friends with guests and talking about her adventures and previous life in the deep blue sea. Before she was brought in to Hawks Cay, she had her own Mer-friends and family but now, she enjoys her new home and the company of happy human kids and families to swim with.

If you want to meet the crew when you visit, be sure to check the weekly schedule so you can catch them at Coral Cay or around the resort (they love to hang out at the lobby to greet travelers!).