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Avoid The Sun’s Rays the Right Way at Hawks Cay Resort

When coming down to Hawks Cay Resort, it’s easy to jump right in to vacation mode and forget about responsibilities. Suns out? Time to tan! Hydration? With a margarita! It all sounds great until you get back home with a painful sunburn and feeling more run down than when you arrived.

We want you to go home with a healthy glow and feeling refreshed, so that’s where we come in! From spa treatments to sun protecting shirts and after-sun products, we have you covered so you can have fun in the sun without going home red as a tomato.

Avoid sunburns completely with sunscreens ranging from SPF 15 to SPF 70 and tons of sun protecting shirts, rash guards, and sun hats with UPF 50 from Island Time and the Marina store. And, don’t forget about sunnies! Both Island Time and the Marina store sell Costa sunglasses to keep the sun out of your vacation vision.

When you forget to reapply sunscreen and get that dreadful, painful sunburn, sign up for our “Too Much Sun” spa treatment. It will rejuvenate and refresh your skin with a rescue gel made of cold pressed dilo nuts, virgin coconut oil and passionflower extract. To top it all off, chilled sea stones are applied to help sooth your skin. If you’re too pressed for time to get a spa treatment, there are a variety of after-sun products by Key West Aloe sold at Island Time to extend your tan and soothe your skin simultaneously, making it easier to take that vacation glow home with you.